About Us

A Full-Service Hair Salon

After 5 years of extensive training at the age of 14 and a further 2 years in-salon experience, Antonio
set up his first salon in 1982 in his hometown of the Southern region of Calabria in Italy. In that time
he trained up others who today are still thankful for the expertise passed on by him.

In 1993 Antonio moved to the UK with his wife Frankie (who had qualified in hairdressing in Brighton
and gained her in-salon experience at HeadQuarters, Crawley, previous to immigrating to Italy where
she met Antonio).

In the UK, Antonio spent a few years working for a number of hairdressers around the Crawley and Redhill area, until an opportunity came in 1997 to take over a leading Crawley salon called “La Moda”.

He quickly gained an outstanding reputation in being able to handle very difficult hair, be it from fine and lank to the course and wiry. This is the knowledge and technique he has passed onto all that have gone through apprenticeship programmes with him and also the consistency and patience needed in the hairdressing industry. However, taking over someone else’s business came with its challenges and so in 2006, he opened his own brand of salon in Church Walk. He is proud to have passed down this knowledge and technique to all those willing to learn and the expertise in handling all kinds of hair types with creativity, professionalism and perseverance.


“Antonio hair design” is made up of a versatile team of 6 (4 of whom carry the Antonio baton).
Between them, all generations are taken care of, from child, teenager, and young adult, mature to
the retired. First and foremost we like to build a trusting relationship with you, where you can feel
safe in the knowledge and ability that we have to achieve the look most appropriate to your hair, lifestyle and fashion needs.