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hours before colouring, no need to book.

COLOUR CONSULTATION – are free but must be booked , allow up to half and hour.

ORGANIC COLOURING - products are made in New Forest, so we are proud to support a British based company.

A stretch test is taken by wetting the hair to determine the strength and moisture
of the hair. The appropriate shampoo and treatment is applied followed by the desired colour which is low in PPD’s and contains no ammonia.

OCS can be applied as a Semi/Quasi colour or a permanent colour. Aftercare shampoos and conditioners are advisable.

L’OREAL INOA PERMANENT COLOUR – this is a non ammonia colour with up to 99% grey coverage and long lasting.

WELLA COLOR TOUCH – this is the Semi/Quasi colour we use for upto 50% grey coverage, giving incredible shine. Regrowth is less obvious than that of a permanent colour.

OLAPLEX TREATMENT - allow half an hour - this bonding system can be added to the lighter or colour we use or as a STAND ALONE treatment. It is done in 2 steps and ends with a shampoo and

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CREATINE HAIR STRAIGHTENING – this process takes up to 4 hours. Hair is straightened and the relaxer applied. After development time, hair is rinsed and neutralised, then shampooed. Finally
hair is blow dried and straightened. Hair should not be shampooed again for at least 48 hours.

PERMANENT CURLS – can take up to 3 hours (4 for very long hair).Hair is shampooed and treated if necessary. Then the appropriate rods and lotion are used. After development time, the hair is
neutralised and conditioned. Hair is then styled and dried as desired. Hair should not be shampooed for at least 48 hours.

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